Your social media campaigns are leaking money.

At JB Consulting: we provide results-oriented, data-driven social & digital marketing services, so you stop leaving money on the table. No fluff. No wasted ad spend. Just maximum ROI.

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You know the type: the jokers, jesters and clowns. The guys who all think marketing is a game to see who can be the funniest and most creative. Using your budget; they sacrifice the exact things that give you a huge ROI…

All so they can make ‘clever’ slogans, ‘witty’ videos and win ‘funniest-ad-of-the-year’ awards.

They focus on “cutesy” designs, page views and vanity metrics such as Facebook likes when all they should be doing is getting you customers and bringing you back a return on your investment.

Most web design shops and digital marketing agencies are run by design oriented hipsters on fancy Mac computers with their only objectives being advertising awards, respect from other agencies and “cutesy designs”.

Each time you partner with an agency of ‘digital clowns’, you leave money on the table. This is because you paid for entertainment instead of advertisements.

We've managed a ton of digital adspend and our clients have chokeholds on their respective markets.

We make your phone ring and ready to buy customers flood to your business in droves.

If you want to dominate your market, have hot ready to buy customers flood to your business in droves and consistently get results then lets talk.

That’s how we’re different. So contact us, let us help you get results.

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A marketing agency is only as good as the results they produce.

That’s our philosophy at JB Consulting. Our team is headed by Juwaad Beg, who has a track record of producing outstanding results for clients.

Juwaad has sold more than a billion dollars’ worth of high-ticket items (including top-notch Real Estate in Dubai) using the careful management of millions of dollars in social media ad spend.

Collectively; our team has almost two decades of in-the-trenches experience mastering social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat.

We’re not ‘funny’, ‘witty’ or ‘artsy’. We don’t do ‘catchy’ headlines, ‘creative one-liners’ or ‘funny video commercials’. We combine a cold, hard, data-driven approach with carefully crafted videos, brochures, websites, copywriting & more.

Our only end goal is to get your viewers to add-to-cart, tune in to webinars, opt-in email addresses, grow your brand and ultimately help you crush your business goals… Without blowing your budget on ‘clever/funny’ content that doesn’t work.

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As a full-service digital agency built for the now, we’ve grown our practices on what will drive results in today’s mobile landscape: